Air Conditioning Cleaning

As the summer approaches, it is time to give your A/C unit a good clean! No one wants to be left without air conditioning in these high temperatures. Undoubtedly, that would be a complete nightmare! There are many issues that you can prevent by maintaining your A/C system once or twice a year. The three basic parts that keep your air conditioning running properly are the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. Any malfunction in any of these will cause your system to either work inefficiently or completely break down. Contact us today to assist you with Air Conditioning Cleaning.

Indoor Evaporator Coil: In the evaporator coils, heat from the air is absorbed and all that remains is cool air that is then pushed back into your home. It is important to clean and maintain these because even the slightest dirt in the coils can cause them to lose efficiency. You will quickly notice that your system is not running efficiently because you will feel like your home does not cool down no matter how long you have the air conditioning system on for. You'll also notice warm air coming out of the vents because the coils are not properly cooling the air; this consequently means that you are paying much higher electricity bills to cool your home. Another issue that can arise if your coils are clogged with dirt and dust is that the coils will be unable to absorb heat and therefore condensation will freeze up on the coil and cause your air conditioning system to break down. Also, if the moisture from the condensation is left unattended, it will create mold; thus, mold spores are circled back in the air that is pushed into your home and putting your health and your loved one's health at risk.

Outdoor Condenser Coil: The condenser coils are located in your condensing unit outside your home. Naturally, it is surrounded by leaves dirt, debris, and other trash that may be in the area. These can easily obstruct your unit and hinder it from performing at its peak. When the condenser coils are obstructed by debris, they cannot transfer heat to the outside air. This, in turn, means that your system will be working harder to produce fewer results and of course that means, again, higher utility bills for you. Also, not to mention the fact that your house will not cool down properly and you will be uncomfortable in the heat.

UV Light Air Purifier: UV Light Air purifier is a great tool to improve indoor air quality. It prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria as well as other airborne allergens and viruses from growing on your HVAC unit and then being circulated into your home. This will reduce illnesses like flu and colds; it will also reduce the odor in your home that may be coming from your system. Lastly, the UV Light will keep the coil cleaner, which will increase the cooling efficiency and therefore reduce your electricity bills.

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